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Clinical Specialist:

Apply and showcase pioneering neuroscience technologies to contribute to positive patient outcomes in brain cancer surgery and psychiatric conditions

Onco-functional Imaging & Neuromodulation

Full-time 12 month contract

The Company

Neuroclast is a Melbourne-based healthcare company established to provide clinicians with access to technology that promotes opportunities of transformative potential and positive clinical outcomes for patients with brain cancer, neurodegenerative disease and psychiatric disorders.


We are a novel medical device distributor and clinical research partner dedicated to data collection and analysis with regards to clinical outcomes, functional mapping of the human brain, and optimisation of treatment paradigms with state of the art medical technologies developed by our commercial and research partners throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


We are building a collective of neuroscientists, researchers, application specialists and academics to help preserve life with onco-functional insight, and to contribute to a new era of functional localisation of the human brain. These remain the core pillars that help steer us towards new and emerging opportunities relating to neurosurgery, psychiatry, neuroscientific technologies, and clinical research.


We are in pursuit.

The Position

We are looking for an associate Clinical Specialist with an emphasis on either (i) clinical and product support, and (ii) research and development, though either position will involve clinical, product and research support. The roles are considered ‘associate’ level in consideration of the specialised clinical, sales, and/or research experience relevant to our portfolio. We have internal criteria to qualify the recognition of staff to achieve Clinical Specialist positions beyond an associate level, and there will also be opportunities for appointment beyond the length of your contract.


More specifically, this position will involve the clinical investigation of brain function in patients undergoing brain cancer surgery in conjunction with our healthcare partners; regular liaison and engagement with neurosurgery, psychiatry, neurology, electrophysiology customers; comprehensive knowledge of our product portfolio for ongoing clinical support, product support and customer support; and dedicated research output per year.

The ideal candidate will have a broad knowledge of clinical neuroscience relating to the measurement, mapping and modulation of brain function as well as general administrative capabilities. If you are a recent graduate who is passionate about healthcare and medical technology, this is an exciting opportunity to interface with patients, clinicians and our medical device partners.

In this role, you will:

  • Be among the first in Australia to use pioneering neuromodulation and onco-functional imaging technologies and techniques supported by one of the most experienced and published clinical neuroscientists in this field

  • Provide regular onco-functional imaging support with clinicians for patients undergoing brain cancer surgery or epilepsy surgery in the operating room or prior to surgery

  • Support the installation and training of healthcare partners establishing clinics for patients undergoing therapeutic neuromodulation Australia-wide.

  • Provide our customers and healthcare partners with ongoing clinical support, clinical education, in addition to assistance with research, reporting, secure data management, inventory management, preventative maintenance and annual servicing

  • Design and deliver product demonstrations, installations, and inquiries for existing and prospective healthcare partners throughout Australia, and assist in ad-hoc company-wide projects as required

  • Contribute to the continued development of Neuroclast products and services as they relate to our strategic vision and in consideration of our long-term research goals

About you:

  • Hold or working towards a Bachelor’s degree in healthcare, health sciences, or equivalent, and have a passionate interest in applied clinical neuroscience

  • Be compassionate with a strong emphasis on engaging with patients and clinical teams, with strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Be punctual and capable of meeting deadlines

  • Demonstrate strong troubleshooting, problem solving and lateral thinking skills

  • Have a full driver’s license and working with children check

  • Based in Melbourne, and have full working rights in Australia

Experience relating to the following is desirable and welcomed, however we are also hell-bent on the fostering and development of graduate and post-graduate professionals interested in entering the healthcare and medtech industry;

  • Clinical electrophysiology or medical technology in a healthcare or research setting

  • Peer-reviewed publications relating to clinical neuroscience or medical technology

  • Medical device sales, market development and field support

Why choose us?

Unsurprising to no-one, the brain is a highly complex organ, and we are still in the process of discovering how it might be organised. Long story short, it is now understood that the human brain is organised in a ‘hodotopic’ manner, referring to a complex and interconnected series of meta-networks relating to neuro-cognitive function. Brain tumours, however, are capable of infiltrating and compromising these networks rather insidiously, and presents significant risk of damage during surgery. Similarly, idiopathic changes to brain networks contributes to the development of psychiatric disorders, however these networks can be modulated over time to ameliorate symptoms in certain conditions.

Neuroclast exists to facilitate access to technologies that might reduce the impact of debilitating neurologic injury in brain cancer surgery, such as the inability to move or speak, as well as people living with psychiatric disorders. A lot of the time these technologies are related to mapping the human brain, though this also involves technology relating to transcranial magnetic stimulation, electrophysiology, medical consumables and virtual reality. As a company, we are dedicated to finding ways to assist clinicians in their plight against brain cancer, psychiatric and neurodegenerative disease. More often than not, this means partnering with world-class medical device companies around the world to introduce their technology in Australia, and meaningfully contributing to peer-reviewed medical literature, in the hope that these patients can maintain or improve their quality of life.

Neuroclast is committed to providing candidates with an engaging, informative, and transparent experience as part of our recruitment process. If this role interests you, please apply with your CV along with a Cover Letter, outlining your interest and suitability to the position. Please note that we are continually growing as a company, and will also be accepting CV’s from candidates based interstate. If your application is shortlisted for future recruitment opportunities we will inform you and reconnect when the time is right to continue with our mission in your state. Apply now:

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Questions, comments or inquiries about recruitment? Feel free to drop us a line:

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