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Launch with an edge

Maximum engagement minus the geographic constraints.

Dedicated platforms tailored to your customers.


Product launches on a national or international scale have become more challenging than ever, with customer engagement fast becoming an obstacle with conventional teleconferencing methods. It has become equally challenging for sales representatives and clinical specialists to gain familiarity with new products or techniques.

Fundamental VR have worked with some of the largest healthcare companies in the world, and have a dedicated software engineering team that are capable of building immersive and hapticVR™ scenarios to maintain a competitive edge to bring your product to market.

Clinical scenarios developed by FundamentalVR and their Fundamental Surgery platform have distinct qualities to promote 'pre-human competence', meaning the haptic feedback meaningful contributes to familiarity of the technique or product that can translate to competence in the field.


Fundamental Surgery enabled an effective simulation of cataract surgery for the global eye care NGO Orbis International, which is deployed in training programs and digital training hubs to develop ophthalmic surgical skills. The Fundamental Surgery platform was configured in conjunction with Orbis’ key opinion leaders and the resulting cataract simulation employs the latest HapticVR™ technology, to create the precise sense of touch for this intricate procedure, allowing ophthalmic surgeons to acquire the necessary skills transfer. Using the portable nature of the platform, the simulation system was able to deployed easily and efficiently all over the world.


Novartis expanded by using a novel method for medical education, a new way of training and skills transfer for their hard to administer, ocular gene therapy drug, which could be integrated into the medical education program for treating patients with inherited retinal dystrophies. Social distancing/pandemic issues added further complications and put face-to-face training programs at risk. FundamentalVR created a haptic simulation for a sub-retinal injection, which has been reviewed by several leading KOLs and is a very exciting medical education tool for surgeons..


Even prior to the pandemic, orthopaedic surgeons at NHS St Georges Hospital in the UK were seeking more exposure to hands-on and data-driven learning opportunities to shorten the learning curve of surgical training. At NHS St Georges the Fundamental Surgery platform has now been mandated to be part of the orthopaedic training program. All the Junior Orthopaedic Research Fellows, Core Trainees and Orthopaedic Registrars are able to access and utilise the FVR Platform on a regular basis.


"The Fundamental Surgery platform provides one unique channel with blended VR modalities to keep up with the increasingly complex amount of information, technology, and automation that is developing exponentially. One package to meet all the needs and requirements to drive adoption and maintain compliance across the board."


FundamentalVR are actively collaborating and supporting widely recognised hospitals, medical societies and medical device companies around the world. Neuroclast has partnered with Fundamental Surgery to introduce this technology to the ANZ region and help contribute to their growing VR portfolio.

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