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"Our goal is to enable hospitals and clinicians to benefit from our extensive clinical experience to make medical technology more accessible, and partnered with necessary education and tools for data collection"

Ryan Hamer,

Managing Director

As doctors, surgeons and scientists are slowly beginning to understand how the brain might be organised, and under which circumstances it is capable of reorganising itself, treatment paradigms in neuro-oncological surgery are evolving with the information gathered in its wake.

Clinical neuroscientists employed by Neuroclast take great pride, and consider it a great privilege, to engage in the work they do from day-to-day. The journeys of our patients, and our clinicians, is what motivates us to continue to explore important clinical opportunities that might help others.

Our product portfolio will grow organically with our increasing focus on clinical research in neurosciences, neurosurgery, and advances in immersive medical education. We are the end-users of our products, and we know how to best implement them into clinical practice.


Non-invasive brain stimulation

Nexstim (Finland)

Map the eloquent brain - minus surgery.



Wise SRL (Italy)

The world's thinnest subdural electrodes; ultimate conformability for the brain.



Inomed (E.U)

Intraoperative neurophysiology and Micro-electrode recording systems.


Passive brain mapping

g.tec (E.U)

High gamma brain mapping of the eloquent brain without stimulation.


Surgical VR Training

Fundamental VR (U.K)

The flight simulator for surgeons, without cadavers.

A snapshot of our clinical consulting services:


Please contact us if you would like to arrange a visit to our headquarters in Melbourne.

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