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Northcote, Melbourne

We are situated on the northern fringe of central Melbourne, within a short drive of major hospitals. 'The north' is home to ridiculously good cafes, restaurants and bars, and we are based a stone's throw from the bottom of High Street.

Free street parking available surrounding our office.​​

86 tram, stop 26 (Walker St/High Street)

#250, 251 bus, Cunningham/ High Street

Westgarth Station, plus a short (<10 minute) walk.

Welcoming you.

We encourage your partner or family member to accompany you during the session, provided we are respecting COVID-safe practices.


You will sit with your neuroscientist and have a conversation about your mapping session, where you can ask any questions you like. You are encouraged throughout the entire process to speak with us and inform us of any discomfort (which is unlikely).

You'll then be positioned comfortably in our Nexstim chair, and become more familiar with what's involved in safely mapping parts of the brain.


We'll then attach some stickers (electrodes) to the skin surrounding certain muscles. This can range from your face, arm, hand, leg or foot (we'll explain how we choose these muscles so you understand why).


A slightly bigger sticker will then be placed on your forehead. This one helps us locate the right areas of the brain to map.


To ensure those areas are accurate, we then pinpoint a part of your left and right ears, and the bridge of your nose, to ensure that all of the data adds up.

Then we can get started with your mapping! You will hear a clicking sound throughout the session, though you'll be given soft earbuds in case it gets annoying. At the conclusion of your mapping session, we will have a brief chat to discuss the next steps. We will then prepare the data to be transferred to your consultant neurosurgeon.


If you are required to visit our headquarters after your surgery, all of your data is stored and we can pick up where we left off.

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