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WISE's supersonic technology is the only product of it's kind in the world, resulting in an electrode that is hyper-thin and conforms to the brain like no other.

Subdural Electrodes

WISE Cortical Strip & WCS Link 

WISE Srl is a Milan-and Berlin-based medical device company developing a new generation of implantable leads for neuromonitoring and neuromodulation. 

WISE’s leads are based on a unique and proprietary Supersonic Technology that allows the manufacturing of highly ergonomic, conformable, soft and thin electrodes. This allows great adhesion, minimal invasiveness and excellent adaptability of WISE’s electrodes on neural tissues, addressing major limitations of other existing technologies. 

There is no comparable product on the market that has clinically-proven lower impedance and greater conformity to the brain, even when placed within the tumour cavity.

> Extreme conformability

> Great adhesion

> Excellent adaptability

> Minimum impedance

> Maximum stability











Peer-reviewed literature

Evaluation of a new cortical strip electrode for intraoperative somatosensory monitoring during perirolandic brain surgery; J. Sarnthein, K. Seidel, M.C. Neidert, A. Raabe, F. Sala, JC. Tonn JC, N. Thon, A. Szelenyi; Clinical Neurophysiology 2022, 142:44-51

Recording Electrical Brain Activity with Novel Stretchable Electrodes Based on Supersonic Cluster Beam Implantation Nanotechnology on Conformable Polymers; V. Gnatkovsky, A. Cattalini, A. Antonini, L. Spreafico, M. Saini, F. Noè, C. Alessi, L. Librizzi, L. Uva, C. Efisio Marras, M. de Curtis, S. Ferrari; International Journal of Nanomedicine 2019:14 10079–10089

Clinical support

Neuroclast is home to the most experienced clinical neuroscientists experienced in brain mapping that can assist you with preparation for your procedure.


WISE Srl is a Milan- and Berlin-based medical device company developing a new generation of implantable leads for neuromonitoring and neuromodulation.
WISE developed a unique, patented technology that allows the production of stretchable and flexible electrodes on medical-grade elastic polymers.

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