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Pliability matters

Clinically effective, economically viable consumables for use in functional neurosurgery.


PMT CORTAC® Subdural Electrodes

All platinum or steel subdural electrodes are customisable. Each electrode is single use, with a patented 'top hat' design to ensure for maximum pliability or contact with the exposed cortex.


Connector options available include Mini and Inline, choice of platinum or stainless steel contacts, various contact-to-contact spacing options available, with contact sizes at 1.0mm to 4.5mm. PMT also offers colour coding, inter-hemispherical electrodes, multiple wiring configurations and various size and thickness options available.


One-piece configurations available (i.e., no need to retain the connector leads).


Common one-piece configurations (1x4, 1x6, 1x8) are kept on the shelf at all times and can be shipped anywhere in Australia within 24-48hrs.

Customized design configurations are also available:

  • Exits: grids are available with 1 to 8 exits depending on the number of contacts. 

  • Contacts: available with 2.0mm, 3.0mm, or 4.5mm.

  • Material: contacts and wires available in platinum or stainless steel.

  • Thickness: strips and grids are available in .5mm, .76mm, or 1.01mm.

  • Surface: all grids and strips are available with enhanced or smooth surface.

  • Radiopaque: markers are available.

  • Wires: fully colour coded wires for easy identification.

Please note, depth and sEEG electrodes are not yet registered with the TGA.










What should you look for in a subdural electrode?


Clinical support

Neuroclast is home to the most experienced clinical neuroscientists experienced in brain mapping that can assist you with preparation for your procedure.

Established in 1979, PMT is dedicated to the research and development of specialty products, devices and instruments used in the medical field.

For over three decades PMT has been designing and producing quality electrodes and microwire for epilepsy procedures and research. Their unmatched signal clarity, product quality, and dependable customer service makes them an industry leader. 

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