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Working with us

The company operates in four 'tunnels' that share over-arching goals:

Working to familiarise yourself with our product portfolio, you will be engaged with stakeholders and customers within operating theatres, academic institutions, and medical device companies to provide access to devices that can improve patient outcomes.


Access to medical devices

Clinical support & education

With your intrinsic knowledge of these products and their applications you will also be in a position to provide clinical support to surgeons, clinicians and customers in hospitals and at the Neuroclast headquarters. 

Research & development

In addition to our clinical support, marketing and research goals, we want to partner with not-for-profit organisations domestically and internationally, in addition to academic institutions, to establish a standard of care in our application areas.

In conjunction with NCX research goals, you will be engaged in clinical research ranging from case studies, single and multi-institution projects, and data collection for longitudinal research. NCX is the company's portal to 'build for the decade', and enable our team to build careers they're proud of.

What we look for

Tertiary background

As a medical distributor with a large focus on clinical neuroscience, our scientific staff should have a relevant undergraduate degree in science, medical science, or biomedical engineering. Post-graduate degrees are a bonus but not a prerequisite. Those working towards completion of their degree are encouraged to submit their resume should they consider themselves fitting for employment.

Professional experience

Clinical support and sales experience relating to healthcare, medical devices, neuroscience and pharmaceuticals is desirable. Administrative staff with healthcare-related experience is beneficial but not essential. People with similarly translational experience should also consider submitting their resume. We do not 'box in' applicants and are always open for a conversation.

Personal characteristics

Individuals that are outgoing, energetic, enthusiastic and driven are encouraged to apply above all tertiary and experience requirements. We look for people that are determined to build a career, and make an impact, but also one that doesn't compromise your lifestyle. 

Professional ambition

People with an interest in clinical neuroscience, clinical research, clinical education, sales and marketing are encouraged to submit their resumes. We want members of our team to have something of a thirst to come to work and contribute to positive clinical outcomes. If we can foster your growth as you 'climb the ladder' professionally, we'd be happy to, provided you give it your all with Neuroclast.


Northcote, Melbourne

We are situated on the northern fringe of central Melbourne, within a short drive of major hospitals. 'The north' is home to ridiculously good cafes, restaurants and bars, and we are based a stone's throw from the bottom of High Street.


Free street parking available surrounding our office.​​

86 tram, stop 26 (Walker St/High Street)

#250, 251 bus, Cunningham/ High Street

Westgarth Station, plus a short (<10 minute) walk.

Subject to the position you're applying for, we offer flexible working arrangements. If you'd prefer to work from home, or you prefer to work in our office, we are very open to having that discussion provided your projects are delivered in a timely manner.

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