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Clinical excellence demands collaboration

Europe's leading intraoperative neurophysiology manufacturer comes to Australia, along with their R&D capabilities.


inomed was founded in 1991 by the current Managing Director Rudi Mattmüller and Plant Manager Dieter Mussler, and with the development of stimulation probes for identifying and protecting facial nerves in addition to developing instruments for minimally invasive pain treatment.


The company has since grown into a company with a staff of more than 160 employees, is now doing business around the world and has branch offices in the UK, Poland, France, the U.S and Italy. With its continual growth, inomed has been able to secure employment for people living in the region and is continually expanding its workforce.

"When I really began to engage in clinical research, all of the most fascinating brain mapping papers seemed to cite inomed. When I had the opportunity to discuss intraoperative neurophysiology with Inomed representatives in Singapore, we both recognised that there was a significant business opportunity partnered with comprehensive research strategies, which are scarce in ANZ."

Ryan Hamer

Managing Director

inomed's R&D team, working closely with research partners, is engaged in the development of new products and technologies for the healthcare professional. The inomed R&D team has created a portfolio that includes products in the fields of intraoperative neuromonitoring, functional neurosurgery, pain treatment and neurological diagnostics.

ISIS Xpress

Monitoring on the go

ISIS Xpress is the portable version of the ISIS IONM system. It features a lightweight, space-saving case, ideal for ease of transportation during service deployments or when travelling.
A hand luggage-sized trolley allows easy, safe transportation and means that the compact system is perfect for a fast check-in at the airport.
Standard 32 channel (total 64 inputs) configurations with 12+1 stimulation output, and all necessary functions to configure monitoring and mapping parameters in surgery.

Clinical and troubleshooting support provided by experienced clinical neuroscientists and research support and guidance from Neuroclast & inomed.

inomed are industry leading hardware manufacturers in Europe, and are continually investing in clinical research and ongoing development of their hardware and software. Neuroclast is a proud research partner of inomed in Asia Pacific regions, dedicated to actual clinical and technical support for our customers.

Read about the inomed ISIS Xpress system.


ISIS Xpert

Best suited for in-house

The ISIS Xpert comes in two trolley-based configurations: ISIS Xpert and ISIS Xpert plus, each designed for in-house clinical neurophysiology departments.

The ISIS Xpert consists of a mobile equipment trolley, a powerful panel PC and large accessory drawers, and provides 16 (32 input) or 32 (64 input) channel options, with the option to upgrade to 64 channels (128 input).
The Xpert plus provides the most comprehensive in-house monitoring solution in the world, and is capable of complete surgical integration with Zeiss Pentero microscopes in the NeuroExplorer software. Built for research.  

Read about the inomed ISIS Expert systems.



Microelectrode recording & stimulation

The ISIS MER system is a self-contained, micro-electrode recording system that provides all of the hardware and software elements necessary for targeted measurement in MER and neuromodulation techniques.

System integration with the inomed MicroDrive and the micro-macro electrodes delivers seamless performance. The design is stunningly simple. This means that only one plug-in connection is required per electrode. Switching between recording and stimulation for a given electrode/channel is very simple – internal computer-controlled switching means there is no need to swap cables from recording to stimulation. All raw signal information is recorded for each channel used and signal filtering is an online function of the software.

Online support and education is available from the Neuroclast and inomed teams to enable in-house departments to use their clinical skills in deep brain stimulation surgery.

The ISIS MER system can be integrated with ISIS Xpress and Xpert systems.

Read about the inomed ISIS MER system.

C2 Xplore

Surgeon-driven cortical mapping

During surgery, functionally important areas of the brain are located using hand-held stimulation probes and their integrity can be monitored throughout the entire operation with, for example, subdural electrodes. Up to 8 EMG channels are available for motor cortex mapping. Standard programs are available for this purpose: if required, settings can be changed, or individual programs can be created at any time.

The C2 Xplore has dedicated stimulation programs for speech (bipolar) and motor (monopolar)  mapping, and meets all the requirements of a standalone stimulator. Biphasic stimulation and the Penfield technique (50 Hz or 60 Hz) are possible.

Data is captured and documented in real-time, with an audible tone available for guidance during surgery.

Read about the inomed C2 xplore.

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