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Welcome to the new era of functional localisation

Nexstim's non-invasive stereotactic brain mapping is the world's only FDA and CE approved pre-surgical mapping technology.


Navigated Brain Stimulation

Nexstim NBS® System 5 and NexSpeech are approved for use by the FDA, CE, and TGA.

The Nexstim Navigated Brain Stimulation (NBS) System 5 is indicated for non-invasive mapping of the primary motor cortex of the brain to its cortical gyrus, and provides information that may be used in the assessment of the primary motor cortex for pre-procedural planning.

Nexstim NexSpeech®, when used together with the NBS System 5, is indicated for non-invasive localization of cortical areas that do not contain essential speech function. NexSpeech® provides information that may be used in pre-surgical planning in patients undergoing brain surgery.

Intraoperatively, the localization information provided by NexSpeech® is intended to be verified by direct cortical stimulation.The Nexstim NBS System 5 and NBS System 5 with NexSpeech® are not intended to be used during a surgical procedure. The Nexstim NBS System 5 and NBS System 5 with NexSpeech® are intended to be used by trained clinical professionals.

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Navigated Brain Therapy

Nexstim's noninvasive NBT® System is approved for use by the FDA, TGA and CE. The NBT System 2 is indicated for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder in adult patients who have failed to achieve satisfactory improvement from prior antidepressant medication in the current episode. NBT is designed for targeting and delivering noninvasive repetitive TMS stimulation to the patient's dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

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Nexstim was established in 2000 to commercialise stereotactic navigation to existing transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) technology. ​The company's investment into research and development championed SmartFocus technology, which caters to the direction of the coil, the proximity to the scalp, and the resulting E-field from magnetic stimulation.

The accuracy of Nexstim's SmartFocus® TMS technology was first validated in the field of neurosurgery, when they received FDA clearance for motor mapping in 2009 and FDA clearance for speech mapping in 2012.  Nexstim is still the only company to have these FDA and CE clearances in motor and speech mapping.

The Nexstim NBT® system was launched in the US for the treatment of major depressive disorder following clearance from the FDA for marketing and commercial distribution for this indication in 2017. The NBT® system is CE-marked in Europe for the treatment of major depression and chronic neuropathic pain.


The SMARTFOCUS e-field ensures optimal positioning, accuracy and stimulation of the motor cortex as indicated by the subsequent motor evoked potential output after changing direction of the coil.

"I learned about nTMS during my undergraduate days, but didn't appreciate any application in neurosurgery until in South Africa in 2016, where neurosurgeons remarked it was critical to the safe resection of supratentorial gliomas. As a scientist, I am thrilled to introduce Nexstim to ANZ and Neuroclast is proud to house Asia Pacific's first NBS system at our headquarters in Melbourne. The Nexstim team are diligent, passionate and supportive business partners, and I look forward to a lengthy collaborative partnership with them."

Ryan Hamer

Managing Director

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