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Bridging the gap

Provide a competitive advantage for your students and tertiary institution.

Immersive VR & academia


The online landscape for undergraduate and postgraduate tertiary programs continues to grow exponentially for all professions. Traditionally, teaching methods for life science brands, medical institutions, students, and professionals looking to upgrade skills have revolved around lectures, instructional videos, and symposia. There is however a noticeable gap in the teaching and conceptualisation of practical skills, often substituted by mannikins or one-per-semester practical lessons.


Fundamental Surgery have combined with off-the-shelf hardware to create an agnostic platform that can accurately mimic the feeling of operating on various layers of human tissue, from skin and subcutaneous fat all the way to bone.  Its incredible accuracy lends itself to specialties as diverse as ophthalmology and orthopaedics.

Beyond intricate medical scenarios, FundamentalVR have developed virtual classrooms that permit interaction amongst students vastly superior to teleconference meetings. Virtual classrooms can be conducted irrespective of geographic constraints, and can drastically improve student engagement for online courses. Students are encouraged to share their knowledge amongst their peers using interactive tools, such as whiteboards, as a precursor to medical scenarios. 

Medical scenarios are designed to be didactic learning experiences, and can be lead by a senior instructor. Key objectives and actions are given specific measurement requirements that are instantly assessed as the user interacts, including multiple choice questions and 'practical' assessments involving physical manoeuvres.

All data is stored via Fundamental's comprehensive user dashboard, which indicates all user activity, progress and trends in conjunction with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).


"Haptics and VR offers a scalable and affordable way to transfer technical knowledge and muscle memory without traveling and also helps compliance with COVID-19 regulations."


Greg Nichols, ZDnet


FundamentalVR are actively collaborating and supporting widely recognised hospitals, medical societies and medical device companies around the world. Neuroclast has partnered with Fundamental Surgery to introduce this technology to the ANZ region and help contribute to their growing VR portfolio.

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